About the Cleanse

In Functional Medicine we have come to understand how important digestive health, and especially the microbiome is in relation to creating holistic health and vitality within the body, mind and spirit.

This four week cleanse, introduces you to a 'whole-food', nutrient-dense diet, based on high quality protein sources and low glycemic vegetables. We incorporate co-factors such as papaya and bone broth, which support the healing and restoration of the gut lining throughout the four-week process. The cleanse eliminates all processed foods, refined oils, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, pasteurised dairy, soy, nuts/seeds and grains. All of these foods can have an inflammatory effect on the body, therefore leaving clients feeling fatigued, brain-foggy and despondent.

From correcting skin conditions to chronic bloating or abdominal pain, mental health issues and parasitic and fungal infections, cleanse participants have experienced all kinds of incredible results!

Summer Glow Up Challenge

Begins 1 July, 2024

Make a start to the new you with proper guidelines on how to move forward on a healthier lifestyle. Consistency will always produce results and this challenge is designed to demonstrate to you what a healthy lifestyle is like. It will show you what you can achieve in 4 weeks of structure and focus. Receive coaching via WhatsApp with Jules and the Challenge Support Group. Also, stand a chance of winning a Premium Bone by Bone Wellness Hamper for the best transformation.

  1. Find and finalise your training routine going forward
  2. Define what healthy eating is for you, in the long term
  3. Lose up to 6 KG in 4 weeks
  4. Drop centimetres and sculpt your physique
  5. Change physique composition with weight training
  6. ALL options include cardio programs and a weekly schedule
  7. No gym membership is necessary, although it is helpful